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Obama Student Loan Forgiveness

All of our clients are consolidated into the William D. Ford Federal Direct Program, which is more commonly known as the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness program, which means that every consolidated loan receives forgiveness at the end of the term. At this time, any balance left unpaid will automatically be forgiven by the Department of Education. There are a variety of repayment options in the Obama Student Loan consolidation program. There are also provisions that allow for early forgiveness or principal reduction on every borrower’s consolidated loans. We can assist you with the process.
Teacher Loan Forgiveness
The Teacher Loan Forgiveness program is probably the most beneficial of all the loan forgiveness plans available as teachers not only qualify for early forgiveness, but principal reduction as well. Teachers in the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program can be eligible for principal reduction between $5,000 and $17,500, depending on the circumstances. This principal reduction was set in place in order to encourage young graduates to enter into a long-term teaching career.
Educations also qualify for complete loan forgiveness after ten years of on-time payments. If you believe you might qualify for this program, please visit our Teacher Loan Forgiveness page and contact us for more information.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
If you are currently employed full-time in a public service job, you may qualify for public service loan forgiveness. The balance of your Federal Student Loan could be completely forgiven after making 120 payments while working full-time in a public sector position. If you would like to learn more or apply, go to our Public Service Loan Forgiveness page, or ask us for more information about this program.
Total and Permanent Disability Discharge
Certain borrowers qualify for what is known as a Total and Permanent Disability Discharge on their federal student loans, if they are unable to perform any substantial gainful work due to a severely disabling physical or mental impairment. For more information, please review the requirements on our Total and Permanent Disability Discharge page.