Is ICDC Secretly Closing?

By April 4, 2016News, Student Loan News

Is ICDC Closing?

ICDC is a for-profit college, well known for its daytime television ads featuring Master P and Lil Romeo. But, as they are seeing now, it takes more than a catchy beat to run a college. The Obama administration has been particularly hard on for-profit colleges in the last couple of years, as demonstrated by the colassal downfall of for-profit mega chain Corinthian Colleges. It appears now that ICDC is on the same path. ICDC College was founded on November 13, 1995 as International Career Development Center, Inc., by Anna Berger, an educator and CPA. The school specializes in providing entry-level training programs for students of all ages and career phases.

A few days ago, we received a tip from a current employee of ICDC that the school is going to soon announce its closure. We quickly looked up ICDC College, and found the following statement on their website: “WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW APPLICATIONS FOR ENROLLMENT.” This seems to be a good indicator that the rumors are true about ICDC closing.

A screenshot of ICDC College's official website as of April 3rd, 2016.

A screenshot of ICDC College’s official website as of April 3rd, 2016.


This is potentially great news for former students from ICDC College. As with Corinthian Colleges, when a large for-profit college closes, many students are able to get their loans forgiven due to the false promises made by the college. However, as we are currently seeing with students from Corinthian’s Everest, WyoTech, and Heald Colleges, this is a long, drawn out process. It can take years for students’ debt to actually be wiped clean. In the meantime, however, there are programs available through the federal government allowing loan forgiveness. In this case, it is in the best interest of all former ICDC students to pay as little as they can on their student loans until those loans are forgiven. That is not to say that you should stop paying your student loans, that would land you in default, harm your credit, and potentially lead to wage garnishment. However, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to enroll in a student loan forgiveness program, during which time your student loan payments could drop to as low as $0/month, with the rest of your loan forgiven after a certain period of time. This is a win-win situation for students. If the government steps in and decides to completely wipe the slate clean for former ICDC students, which may take a few years, you will have paid $0/month the entire time waiting for the decision to be made. If the government does not decide to clear former students’ debt, which is entirely possible, you will still be at a low or $0/month payment plan with the rest of the loans slated for forgiveness at the end of the term.

New programs have been made available under Obama’s student loan forgiveness guidelines, but you must act quickly, as spaces are limited. If you attended ICDC, give us a call at (888) 408-5491 if you have any questions, and to see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness. ICDC will be announcing their closure in the near future, and you will have a much easier time entering one of these programs before the situation gets too hairy. If you would rather, you can also leave your information on the form below this article and one of our student loan advocates will get in touch with you within 24 hours. GradInformers is a Christian organization dedicated to assisting students in finding relief from the burden of student debt.

Update 4/6/16: After speaking with ICDC’s legal counsel, Marc Polansky of ZipEdTech, I have removed portions of this article deemed defamatory by Mr. Polansky. We have been told since releasing this article that ICDC is being sold to another online college, Trident. Mr. Polansky declined to comment on whether or not that is true. If anyone has any more information on this story, please email me.

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  • Rachael Austin says:

    VERY DISAPPOINTED in the TRADE Schools of America… Give students ALL the information about Certificates and Diplomas. Back in 2004 I was the Salutatorian of an ICDC campus. I received my Physical Therapy Aide Certificate and thought I would be able to begin a NEW rewarding carrier. Only to find out a few years later that I NEED to continue and go to another college to get a degree if I wish to utilize my education in the business world.

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Rachael,

      Sorry to hear that! Unfortunately we hear similar stories all the time about trade/for-profit schools. Far too few graduates end up with a job in their field of study.

  • Jack Jordan McMullen says:

    I Felt something more was going on with the constant staff changing, I felt cheated when I got a federal loan to pay for this schooling to realize later I could of got all the training for roughly Seven hundred dollars somewhere else. All they trained you for was to just get a basic gaurd card. And they promised they would help you get a job but kept giving you craigslist links. It was a scam I feel victim to, and now I’m in default, my credit is damaged because I can not pay back my federal loan.

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Jack,

      Wow! They would really just send craigslist links?! How could that even remotely be considered “job placement”? I’m sorry to hear you are in default. If you give us a call at (800) 338-3978 we may be able to assist you with that.

  • amanda says:

    They will be closing may 31st

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Amanda,

      Did the school tell you this officially? We heard the same thing from another source.

      • Ashley says:

        Yes, it is posted on the moodle homepage when I logged into class last night

      • amanda says:

        Yes I logged on to class and it said they were closing may 31st that they are in talks with another school to transfer current students there.

  • Sharon young says:

    They promise me a job after finishing paralegal course but nothing , never got a job just a big payment of 14.600.00. They had us to even pay 200.00 dollar to take the high school test promising that we would get out hight school diploma turn out that was no good either they never returned our money they were not good anywher. I have been homeless for over ten years trying to get a job didn’t happen for me either am hoping this will come off of my name prays God it’s been really bad with all this money having over your head.

  • Jack Jordan McMullen says:

    I just Jason Ralph helped me out and got me in to the forgiveness program I really appreciate the work you all are doing it took a lot of stress of me and my credit will go back up as a result!!!

  • Tara Meadows says:

    I am currently a student under the addictions counseling course. If they are closing so soon what do I need to do? I felt more harassed by the way every single day I was being called or emailed.

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Tara,

      These predatory recruitment practices are surely part of the reason for ICDC’s demise. At this time, there is nothing you need to do, or can do, until an official statement is released. At that time, you will find out if you can transfer to a comparable school, or if ICDC is offering a “teach out”, in which case you will be able to finish your courses before the school is fully closed.

    • Jean Scotto-Rodriguez says:

      I am a curent ICDC Student and yes they issued a statement that they are closing the doors to the college by the end of this year. I am currently taking the same courses as you. I was told that the school is working with another college which means absolutely nothing for us. The college they are in the works with is not an accredited college and is pending which is funny because ICDC is not an accredited college and now all of a sudden they are worried about transferring us to an accredited college. I’m supposed to graduate Feb 23, 2017 after having to take a 6 month Leave Of Absence but I was originally scheduled to graduate Sept of this year. These people are doing nothing but handing us mouth plugs with yet more false hopes.

  • heather says:

    I’m enrolled now. I’m supposed to graduate July this year. What do I have to do? Do I stay going to school? Help please

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Heather,

      I’ll copy my reply here to a similar question asked above: As it hasn’t been officially announced, we aren’t quite sure yet what will happen with students currently in attendance. In similar cases in the past, for instance the recent closure of Corinthian Colleges and Sanford Brown, students were offered to transfer to another college with which the closing college had made a relationship. Other times, such as the recent announcement of the closure of Le Cordon Bleu, students are offered a “teach-out”, in which case you will be able to finish your courses before the doors are closed completely. We will be sure to keep this post updated with the latest information.

  • Rosemary says:

    Do you have to pay an amoung of $$ for the forgiveness plan?????

  • Connie Arevalo says:

    What happens to students currently attending? Who and what can we do ?

    • Jason Smith says:

      Hello Connie,

      Great Question. As it hasn’t been officially announced, we aren’t quite sure yet what will happen with students currently in attendance. In similar cases in the past, for instance the recent closure of Corinthian Colleges and Sanford Brown, students were offered to transfer to another college with which the closing college had made a relationship. Other times, such as the recent announcement of the closure of Le Cordon Bleu, students are offered a “teach-out”, in which case you will be able to finish your courses before the doors are closed completely. We will be sure to keep this post updated with the latest information.

  • Kaila says:

    Im currently enrolled now and i have no clue what i am going to do i was already messed over by family pertaining to my credit and now this. I live in a camper and work all day to barely afford what i do have and i so thought i was doing really good by going to this school and ive been making good grades and now this i cant quit crying now :'(

  • Quintasha Johnson says:

    Hoping this isn’t true, was hoping to go back to finish up externship. Recently graduated from alcohol and drug program. If so what should I do.

  • christa white says:

    I enrolled back in 2011 finished in 2013 and still have not found a job yet

  • Diane Norris (formerly Roosenberg Lee) says:

    I too was lured into signing up for classes, their Drug and Alcohol Counseling classes are a scam. They promise that you will be able to work as a counselor (which is a lie) after you graduate, and guaranteed job placement But you still have to do a lot more, plus be certified by the State. I also found out that my credits are nontransferable, which means that I wasted my time and money – which by the way was mind blowing! They kept coming to me and demanding that I sign another promissory note and take out another loan for more money to pay for my schooling. I have about $35,000.00 out in federal student loans. When I signed up, I was told that the course only cost around $9,000.00. When I questioned what was going on and why so many extra loans for extra money, I got the run around, and then counseled by the school administrator for causing trouble with the staff (??? isn’t it my money I’m asking about ???), and threatened with expulsion. I “graduated” the certificate program in 2009, and then went on to finish the “Associates Degree” program (scam) in 2011, I even finished 1 externship (nonpaid), and 1 internship (paid). However, I never received my degree , and couldn’t get hired by any treatment facility or program anywhere.
    Now, I am trying to continue my education because I am still taking crap jobs just to get by, like I was when they lured me in with their lies so many years ago. I have been calling them, and begging and pleading with them to please send me my transcripts (simply asking got me no where). The college that I am currently enrolled into is trying to work with me and is willing to look at my credits and coursework to see if they can award me credit for anything at all, but ICDC is giving me the run around yet again, making empty promises to send them right away (more lies). They don’t care nor do they have a conscience or soul. I am having to start over from scratch again in regards to prerequisites, like English and Math, … I am pulling my hair out with frustration over how evil and calloused these greedy awful people are. I hope that someone sues them and gets a judge to agree that what they have done is nothing less than criminal.

  • Erica says:

    I attended this college years ago they promise to find you a job… i never received a single phone call for an interview long story short i was told i would only pay back 5,000 when i finished the MA course my student loan payments came i owe more than 10,000 half the time the Dr was late for class means less time to learn we had so many books did not even complete 1/2 a book they never even game me or my friend the diploma even though we finished the course i cant afford to pay the loan back due to that my credit did go down what i make at mg current job is not enough to cover my bills rent and everything

  • Paul miller says:

    All the staff are located at the Huntington park location. The ONLY school left is that one. The owner Anna Berger sold the campus in culver city for 12 million. How did I get this info? I’m a past instructor for the Alcohol and drug program. They closed my campus (llawndale, and then redondo beach) back in 2013. Forced the students to choose online or Huntington park. The owner is a scam artist… You guys should jump on or create a law suit

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